What a journey it has been to creating, funding, finalizing, and releasing the official #FEELING Music Video! 

We started the funding process in March of 2016 and so it was a long time coming before everything fell together for the release in December! Now that the new year of 2017 has rung, there will be so many more releases coming and I am beyond excited to show you everything that I have been working so very hard on.

My EP!!!!!!!!!!!! It is set to be releasing this February, which will also mark the one year anniversary of my Valentine's Day Release of #Feeling! I cannot believe it is almost going to be a year! 

Check out this interview I had with Moonrise Magazine to learn more about my favorite scenes from #FeelingMusicVideo and what is coming this year:

I will be uploading my cover of James Bay's "Let It Go" in the upcoming week! I will also be asking questions for a Q&A video that I will be uploading on my YouTube! 

Taking in the new year, I always set myself goals for what I would like to accomplish and reflect on the past year. I can say proudly that I have fulfilled a lot of what I wanted to, and this is only just the beginning! I will not rest until I do everything I was meant to! 

Speaking of which, guess who is graduating UCLA this year?! 

Happy New Year to all of you my loves! ❤️