It's official: I just launched on @Patreon!

I am so thrilled to share this new site with all of you! 

Here is a quick video explaining what Patreon is:

Through Patreon, my goal is to connect with my fans by engaging through this platform and creating exclusive content! 

Here are some AWESOME things you will have access to as an Exclusive Patron:

  • Early downloads of all songs and videos 
  • Early physical copies of my debut EP
  • Skype hangouts!
  • Surprise goodies!
  • & more!

With this new campaign I will begin to create beautiful videos and share them in order to further showcase my creative abilities. I will make my own renditions of covers and involve my fans in a way they never imagined they could engage with a favorite artist! ;) 

Check out my Patreon Page here: