Sofia Zorian | Press KIT

Born and raised in Hollywood, Zorian said the lively city – filled with endless blocks of street performers, music clubs and concert venues – fueled her desire to personally take part in the music industry.

— Alexandra Del Rosario | Daily Bruin

Zorian’s music is about spreading important and relatable messages through her work and wishes to ignite all the ruling emotions embodied in all human beings.
— Hena | OneAvenue

Sofia ZoriaN | Biography

A groundbreaking new voice in the populated Los Angeles music scene, songstress Sofia Zorian is rapidly rising to the ranks among the sea of young talent in the city of entertainment. In the past year, she has released a music video for her single, “Feeling,” performed at several of L.A.’s popular venues, and has attracted a fan base eager to hear more of the artist’s original compositions and unique, dreamy voice. Zorian's music is comparable to that of Lorde, Banks, Tove Lo, and Birdy, but with her originality, she offers a new addition as a female artist to the contemporary Pop Blues genre, providing the feel and live experiences of artists such as Coldplay, Imagine Dragons, and Mumford & Sons.

A natural performer, Zorian grew up surrounded by music in a family that was always dancing, singing, and entertaining. One of her earliest memories depicting her deep love for singing and music is when her mom would braid her hair and she would grab a brush and sing along to Alicia Keys’s “Fallin’.” Her mom, a pianist herself, was pivotal in sparking the young singer’s love for music and artistic expression, having introduced her to Coldplay, Pink Floyd, and other influential artists that helped the songstress build her musical foundation.

Zorian began classical training in piano at the age of seven. She started songwriting at ten years old, a talent which she continued to cultivate as she matured and experienced the thrills and challenges of adolescent life. She found therapeutic comfort in the way words and melodies helped her heal, cope, and express her feelings — as an introverted child, music was her outlet to blossom into an extroverted young adult and find her own voice. Performance is second nature to Zorian, who feels at home on stage not only due to her fondness for music, but also because of her background as a dancer with ten years of experience performing in a variety of genres ranging from hip-hop, ballet, jazz, and lyrical.

She realized her dreams of musical expression and performance with the decision to go into the studio to record “Feeling,” establishing herself as an artist. She says of the process, “It was truly a beautiful, magical phenomenon that I had never before experienced. To be able to bring an idea that merely started out as a few acoustic chords and lyrics, to a recorded, digitized format that people could take with them everywhere, was incredible.” The feedback that she has received following the release of “Feeling” has encouraged the songwriter to continue on with her journey, as hearing about the ways in which her original music has affected people through their own challenges and life events has reinforced Sofia’s purpose in her creative work.

In addition to releasing her single, along with its accompanying music video, Zorian has rapidly attracted a global fanbase and performed at a number of L.A.’s most revered concert venues, clubs, and bars. Throughout the past few years, she has graced the stages of the Viper Room, Bar 20, The Study, Molly Mallone’s, Howl at the Moon, Paper or Plastik Cafe, State Social House, Viva Cantina, and Melrose Station. She has also lent her talent towards humanitarian causes, performing at the 2017 Justice Benefit Concert to raise awareness for human trafficking and social injustice.

She also recently graduated from UCLA with a degree in English, which allowed her to further her studies in communication through the written word and lyrical expression. By delving into some of the greatest literary works written in the English language, she only reaffirmed her love for touching others through her lyrics and melodies.

Zorian is determined to make her mark in the music world, striving to transport her listeners with her lyrics, melodies, and the emotions they evoke both during shows and through her records. She is an artist who draws inspiration not only from her environment, but also from the soul. Yearning to communicate to her listeners through her music, she strives to help people feel as if they belong to a larger community, that they are not alone, and that they matter. Most importantly, Zorian wants to be there for people — she wants to celebrate their joys and comfort their pains through her songs. The ability for music and art to connect is the prime motivator for the burgeoning songstress.

Currently, Zorian is focused on refining her songwriting throughout the process of creating and recording her upcoming EP, and is continuing to write new material as she encounters more and more inspiration, which she brings to life through her live performances. She trains with the renowned Gary Catona, who’s previously worked with Andrea Bocelli, Whitney Houston, Lorde, Sade, Sara Bareilles, and Katy Perry, to name a few. Involved, a reflection of her increasing musical and artistic talents, will debut in 2018. The EP will include five singles, in addition to a stand-alone single, “You’ve Got This All Wrong,” which has quickly become a crowd favorite during her performances.

Sofia Zorian is only headed towards one thing: success. Her strong commitment to communicate the human condition through her music propels her forward in an industry saturated with many voices, and her clear vision is emboldened with her indisputable talent. A voice unlike any other in a genre wanting of more female artists, Zorian is precisely what Pop Blues needs right now. Follow along on her exciting journey, you definitely don’t want to miss out on all she has to offer!